An Introduction to the Blog

Since I started grad school just under 5 months ago, I've had a lot of thoughts that I've wanted to put into writing that never have had a place outside of a personal blog.

In computing in particular, there are tons of bizarre edge-cases that arise from some little-known property of the interactions between the various software systems at play in any project, most of which aren't documented outside of forum or mailing list posts, and few of those have well-formed workable solutions. I feel rather strongly that I should contribute what I know on the off-chance that someone runs into the same problems that I do.

There are also many failures in research, most of which don't warrant publication, but all of which warrant writing down. My goal is to post some of them here, in the perhaps futile hope that someone will find it before redoing work.

In my first posts, I hope to document a corner-case of a livelock in the pre-4.19 Linux kernel and some of the unusual properties of the freeipa Python API, but given the race conditions I've seen (and unintentionally created) while helping to expand Emery Berger's Python profiler, Scalene, there may be more pressing things to write about!